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2024 LSFN Fellowship Launches April 5th

Updated: May 29

The LSFN is excited to share that applications are opening soon for the 2024 LSFN Public Interest Law Bar Fellowship.

All interested in participating are strongly encouraged to join us on April 4th for the LSFN Fellowship Information Session at 3pm via Zoom. During this session, LSFN leadership and staff will provide greater detail regarding the 2024 Fellowship and will be available to answer questions.

About the Fellowship:

The LSFN Public Interest Law Bar Law Fellowship (LSFN Fellowship) was designed in the midst of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic to both address the needs of Bay Area Legal Services Organizations by increasing their capacity to serve more clients, as well as May, 2020 graduates of Bay Area law schools, who were faced with a delay in their ability to take the California Bar Exam. The LSFN Fellowship places and funds recent law school graduates at Bay Area Legal Services Organizations in an effort to meet this increased need.

By participating in the LSFN Fellowship as a Fellow, Host Organization, or funder you will be part of an initiative that:

  • Supports local communities as they face the challenge of trying to assist the ever-growing number of residents who have become unemployed; work in at-risk environments/conditions; risk eviction/loss of their homes; deal with fraud and abuse; seek benefits and access to healthcare; and face discrimination.

  • Supports Legal Services Organizations (LSOs) at a time of great need, as the demand for legal services continues to surge from the ongoing impact of COVID-19. For LSOs, the LSFN Fellowships provides a pipeline for hiring qualified and passionate staff attorneys who share perspective with the communities they serve.

  • Supports the training and use of recent law school graduates to work on legal issues that impact those most in need; provides fellows with reasonable compensation for their work; creates a community for Fellows post-graduation; and leaves them with sufficient time to prepare for the California Bar Exam.

In an effort to quickly meet the needs of both our recent graduates and legal services organizations, we are working with a tight timeline. If you are interested in being part of the program, as a Fellow or LSO Host, we recommend applying early. Applications are reviewed and matched on a rolling basis. Priority will be given to Fellows and LSO Hosts applying jointly. Applications will open at 9am on April 5th and close no later than April 26th.


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