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Who We Are

Our funder network is “multi-sectorial” and is comprised of: private foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations, law firm foundations, law firms, law schools, funders who give via donor advised funds (DAF), individuals, government, “crowd source” funders, philanthropic services advisors and bar associations. For some, funding legal services is a primary focus area. For others, funding legal services is a strategy used to help amplify and magnify the impact of grants in focus areas such as: foster care, domestic violence, equity issues, education, immigration and place-based funding. Regardless of the focus area, Network members provide support to a range of organizations including community-based direct legal services providers, those involved with public policy, advocacy and impact litigation, and those that provide infrastructure support to the legal aid field.

What We Do

We provide a community for those who fund legal services and a pathway to learn more about how funding legal services can be used as a “tool” to enhance and maximize impact in almost any grantmaking portfolio.

Goals & Objectives

1. Provide a network and community for legal services funders.

2. Help raise the profile of legal services organizations in the philanthropic community

3. Support legal services organizations as they work to alleviate poverty.

4. Educate others about the value of legal services re: poverty alleviation

5. Correct misinformation about legal services funding, such as: funding needs are fully met by the government and lawyers, pro bono covers all the unmet needs legal needs and the existing legal aid programs can service all of those in need of assistance.

6. Provide an example of multi-sector collaboration by having a mix of types of funders working and learning together.

7. Facilitate opportunities for collaboration with other funders.

8. Represent the legal services funding community when called upon to do so.

Events, Meetings, and Resources
  • An annual “Signature Event” Program (open to all)

  • An annual Funders Dinner, hosted by the LSFN

  • Quarterly program meetings.  Sample topics: The Changing Landscape of Civil Legal Aid; Public Interest Loan Forgiveness Programs; Legal Incubators

  • “Day in Court” Field Trips (site visits to various courts in the Bay Area including meeting with judges when possible)

  • A resource pool of experienced legal service funders

  • MCLE credit option for educational programs

  • LSFN website (, hosted by OneJustice, which offers:

  • A calendar of events and meetings (philanthropy and legal)

  • Policy updates on issues that impact the issues we connect to

  • Resource articles and links to helpful websites

  • A member directory (members only access)

  • Blog posts

Our offerings include:
Reads, Legal Services Funders Network, "Our vision is to create a community for those who fund legal services"
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